by Apolis Published Sep 06, 2023

At Apolis, we use an ATS system to identify contractors. We leverage our database, online job platforms, social media and networking, employee referral programs, and industry-specific forums to find the best fit for our needs.

Recruitment Process:

Our process commences with a clear understanding of the job/project requirements. We ensure that our team comprehends the job descriptions (JDs) through detailed discussions regarding the mandatory skills, qualifications, experience, and traits required for the specific project/s. This involves collaboration with the client’s Talent Acquisition team, followed by meetings or calls with the Hiring Manager, and occasionally with the Reporting Manager to understand their expectations from the role holder.

Organization and Team Structure

At Apolis, we maintain a streamlined structure with three levels of roles within our domestic and international hiring teams. Each team is led by a Business Manager, all of whom bring extensive recruitment experience from both the US and India markets. These managers are further supported by Team Leads, followed by Recruiters, with a team size of over 500 active onboard team members. With clearly defined roles, Business Managers and Team Leads shoulder the responsibility of client engagement and service, while Recruiters operate within an environment optimized for sourcing, ensuring the acquisition of top-quality profiles. Each is specialized in respective competency, and roles are assigned to a team with prior experience in dealing with relevant projects and skills.

Application Screening:

Our AI-enabled Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a stringent screening process parses candidate profile. This is followed by internal screening through detailed interviews conducted by our experienced recruiters who possess the required skills for the projects. Our experts have designed a robust questionnaire for assessing candidates against a specific role, which is tested on the shortlisted candidates before being forwarded to the client for the final screening.

Retention Process:

The retention process begins prior to sourcing. We keep certain parameters in mind before sourcing to enhance longevity.

Brand Enhancement:

Contractors willing to shift to better brands enhance the affinity of employees to remain committed. This reduces the likelihood of back outs or no shows at interview stage and increases long-term commitment to the project.

Shortened Notice Period:

Understanding the market scenario, our endeavor is to select candidates with shorter notice periods. This minimizes the chances of candidates backing out / changing their mind and reduces the likelihood of them being tempted by other offers.

Personalized Engagement:

We treat contractors as an extension of the company’s workforce rather than external resources. This approach fosters stronger relationships/bonds by facilitating regular check-ins, soliciting feedback & conducting grievance sessions, and offering skill development opportunities.

Flexible Compensation Models:

We offer contractors unique compensation models, including timely increments, salary, reimbursements, and long-term project-based incentives, to maintain their engagement and commitment to the company’s success. We are an ethical organization and ensure compliance by thoroughly documenting pay decisions. Our policies are employee friendly, and we offer maternity benefits, health insurance to our employees/ permanent staff.

Open Culture and Defined Roles:

Clearly defining project scope, expectations, and goals at the outset helps contractors understand their role and contribution, leading to greater satisfaction and retention rates. We ensure timely appraisals and provide continuous feedback to individuals on their performance, share periodic updates with respect to organizational processes and company operations, making employees feel valued and integrated into the company’s ecosystem.

We value every employee’s contribution and their association with the company. Our growth over the last 25 years and business success is attributable to our diverse talent pools and employee contributions, which is possible by ensuring a high level of employee engagement.

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